Jane Burke Custom Made Earrings

Hello Gino,
A few months ago I brought  a pair of very old earrings to the store for you to evaluate. They belonged to my Great Grandmother...making them at least 100 years old! Since they didn't actually belong to me but rather to a cousin,
I was curious as to whether you could duplicate these lovely gold earrings.
I didn't want them to be similar to the originals  but as identical as possible.
A difficult request to be sure.
On Saturday August 3, I came to pick up my earrings....to say I was delighted would be an understatement! Except for the patina, which comes with age, they are perfect.
  To me , they are known as my "Grandma Mary earrings"......
Thank you doesn't seem adequate...but I do thank you for taking on this difficult task and presenting me with a most wonderful link to my past.
Warm wishes to all involved,
Jane Burke
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