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…Liza and I study in the first grade and then we did not see each other again until College. In first grade I had a crush on her but she did not know. Once at recess she approached me and drew me the a symbol. She asks me " do you know what does that say? " And I of course I say "no" . She says , " That's my name " and explains how to read it.

Years later ,we met again in College, as we both had forgotten about each other we became best friends . Still, not remembering that she was the Liza with the crush I had in 1st grade . Until one day I stare at her and out of nowhere I remembered who she was. I took a paper and drew the symbol she showed me in 1st grade . She asked me "Where do you get that? " And I said " You show it to me in 1st grade at school recess . Since then “I LOVE YOU. " The rest is history….


Liza Carminelli -"Thanks Charlie ... Your are the best..."I Love You". and to my causin, for being his accomplice for such a beautiful and meaningful gift...thanks

Written by Juan Acevedo — November 19, 2013