Meet Juan

Juan Acevedo Carminelli was born in Puerto Rico in 1960, and moved to Florida at twenty years of age. He had always possessed the strong desire to build his own business, and learned a little about the jewelry industry from his older sister and brother-in-law. 

In 1983, with minimal experience, Juan decided to open a small booth in what was known as a “Jewelry Exchange”. There were many entrepreneurs operating in these types of booths, and it was with some apprehension that he ventured out on his own. “It felt like being surrounded by wolves,” Juan remembers, “because all the other owners had years of experience in the jewelry business”. But he was driven by hard work, passion, and a sense of purpose. His dedication, combined with a clear vision of success, soon paid off.

Gradually all other owners moved out, and Juan remained in the same location for the next 24 years.  With close to a quarter of a century experience under his belt, Juan now has a great advantage in the business of fine jewelry. This accumulation of knowledge, skill, and artistic ability has also provided Juan the opportunity to launch his own line, Carminelli Designs.

Carminelli Designs is characterized by its clean lines, bold structure, and a modern (yet classic) look. But perhaps Juan’s greatest passion lies in his love of creating beautiful custom pieces for his most discerning clients. A unique design made especially for you, is truly something to be treasured and passed on for generations to come.  Juan Acevedo Carminelli has long believed in the old proverb that giving is receiving.  “When a customer expresses their joy upon completion of a custom design, it is like receiving back a gift…….the gift of joy.”
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